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Using Select Case statements

Use the Select Case statement as an alternative to using ElseIf in If...Then...Else statements when comparing one expression to several different values. While If...Then...Else statements can evaluate a different expression for each ElseIf statement, the Select Case statement evaluates an expression only once, at the top of the control structure.

In the following example, the Select Case statement evaluates the argument that is passed to the procedure. Note that each Case statement can contain more than one value, a range of values, or a combination of values and comparison operators. The optional Case Else statement runs if the Select Case statement doesn't match a value in any of the Case statements.

Function Bonus(performance, salary)
    Select Case performance
        Case 1
            Bonus = salary * 0.1
        Case 2, 3
            Bonus = salary * 0.09
        Case 4 To 6
            Bonus = salary * 0.07
        Case Is > 8
            Bonus = 100
        Case Else
            Bonus = 0
    End Select
End Function

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