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Custom UI Parts

Table of contents
  1. Ribbon Extensibility Part

Quick Access Toolbar Customizations Part

Keep in mind that when customizing the QAT, you must start it from scratch. This means that you must set the startFromScratch attribute to true, otherwise, you cannot proceed:

<ribbon startFromScratch="true">


<customUI xmlns="">
	<ribbon startFromScratch="true">
				<control idMso="Bold"
				         screentip="Make it Bold"
				         supertip="Click here to make the selected text bold."/>
				<button id="mybtnOpen"
				        supertip="Click here to open your files"

Ribbon Extensibility Part

For example, the following Ribbon Extensibility content markup specifies that the ribbon tab with identifier "TabHome" is to be hidden for the containing package:

<customUI xmlns="">
			<tab idMso="TabHome"

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