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Returning strings from functions

Some functions have two versions: one that returns a Variant data type and one that returns a String data type. The Variant versions are more convenient because variants handle conversions between different types of data automatically. They also allow Null to be propagated through an expression. The String versions are more efficient because they use less memory.

Consider using the String version when:

  • Your program is very large and uses many variables.
  • You write data directly to random-access files.

The following functions return values in a String variable when you append a dollar sign ($) to the function name. These functions have the same usage and syntax as their Variant equivalents without the dollar sign.

Function Function Function
Chr$ ChrB$ *Command$
CurDir$ Date$ Dir$
Error$ Format$ Hex$
Input$ InputB$ LCase$
Left$ LeftB$ LTrim$
Mid$ MidB$ Oct$
Right$ RightB$ RTrim$
Space$ Str$ String$
Time$ Trim$ UCase$

* May not be available in all applications.

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