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Insert File dialog box

Allows you to look for and insert a file into a module in your project.

The following table describes the dialog box options.

Option Description
Look in Displays the computers, servers, drives, and folders available on your computer that you can use to locate the project that you want to open.
Up One Level Shows a list of folders or drives one level above the current server, computer, or folder.
Create New Folder Creates a new folder.
List Shows the folders or documents in a list format that includes the folder or document icon and its name.
Details Shows the folder or documents in a list that includes the folder or document icon and name, its size (documents only), type, and the date and time it was last modified.
File name Select or type the name of the file that you want to insert.
Files of type Select a file type; the default is Text Files (*.txt). Files of the selected type will appear in the File name list.
Open Inserts the selected file.
Cancel Closes the dialog box without inserting a new file.

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