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Find dialog box

Allows you to search for specified text in a search range.

The following table describes the dialog box options.

Option Description
Find What Type or insert the information you want to find, or click the down arrow and select from the last four entries. If any text is selected, or the cursor is on a word when you choose the command, this text is displayed in the Find What box.
Search Specifies the search range.

Current Procedure: Searches only the current procedure.
Current Module: Searches only the current module.
Current Project: Searches all the modules in your project.
Selected Text: Searches a selected range of code in your project.

Direction Sets the direction of the search to Down or Up from the location of the cursor, or All in the selected search range.
Find Whole Word Only Searches for the full word by itself and not as part of a larger word.
Match Case Finds all occurrences with the exact combination of uppercase and lowercase letters specified in the Find What box.
Use Pattern Matching Searches by using pattern-matching characters.
Find Next Finds and selects the next occurrence of the text specified in the Find What box.
Cancel Closes the dialog box without performing the search.
Replace Displays the Replace dialog box, retaining the information typed in the Find What box.

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