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Add-In Manager dialog box

Allows you to register an add-in, load or unload it, and set its load behavior. If you close only the visible portions of an add-in (by double-clicking its system menu or by clicking its Close button, for example), its forms disappear from the screen, but the add-in is still present in memory. The Add-in object itself will always stay resident in memory until the add-in is disconnected through the Add-In Manager dialog box.

To open the Add-In Manager, select Add-In Manager from the Add-Ins menu.

The following table describes the dialog box options.

Option Description
Available Add-Ins (Add-Ins list) Lists available add-ins.
Load Behavior (Add-Ins list) Displays the load behavior for the selected add-in.
Description Displays a description of what the add-in does.
Load Behavior Loaded/Unloaded check box: Loads or unloads the selected add-in.

Load On Startup check box: Loads the selected add-in on startup of the development environment.

Command Line check box: Loads the selected add-in when the development environment is started from the command prompt or from a script.

OK Updates the load behavior of selected add-ins.
Cancel Cancels all updates made in session.

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