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Watch window

Appears automatically when watch expressions are defined in the project.

You can:

  • Change the size of the column headers by dragging its border to the right to make it larger or to the left to make it smaller.
  • Drag a selected variable to the Immediate window or the Watch window.
  • Close the window by clicking the Close box. If the Close box is not visible, double-click the title bar to make the Close box visible, and then select it.

Window elements

Element Description
Expression Lists the watch expression with the Watch icon Toolbar button on the left.
Value Lists the value of the expression at the time of the transition to break mode.

You can edit a value and then press ENTER, the UP ARROW key, the DOWN ARROW key, TAB, SHIFT+TAB, or click somewhere on the screen to validate the change. If the value is illegal, the Edit field remains active and the value is highlighted. A message box describing the error also appears. Cancel a change by pressing ESC.

Type Lists the expression type.
Context Lists the context of the watch expression.

If the context of the expression isn't in scope when going to break mode, the current value isn't displayed.

Keyboard shortcuts

Use these key combinations in the Watch window.

Press To
SHIFT+ENTER Display the selected watch expression.
CTRL+W Display the Edit Watch dialog box.
ENTER Expands or collapses the selected watch value if it has a plus (+) or minus (-) sign to the left of it.
F2 Display the Object Browser.
SHIFT+F10 View shortcut menu.

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