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Edit Watch dialog box

Use to delete or edit the context or type of a watch expression.

The following table describes the dialog box options.

Option Description
Expression Displays the selected expression by default. The expression is a variable, a property, a function call, or any other valid expression. You may enter a different expression to evaluate.
Context Sets the scope of the variables watched in the expression.

Procedure: Displays the procedure name where the selected term resides (default). Defines the procedure(s) in which the expression is evaluated. You may select all procedures or a specific procedure context in which to evaluate the variable.

Module: Displays the module name where the selected term resides (default). You may select all modules or a specific module context in which to evaluate the variable.

Project: Displays the name of the current project. Expressions can't be evaluated in a context outside of the current project.

Watch Type Determines how Visual Basic responds to the watch expression.

Watch Expression: Displays the watch expression and its value in the Watch window. When you enter break mode, the value of the watch expression is automatically updated.

Break When Value Is True: Execution automatically enters break mode when the expression evaluates to true or is any nonzero value (not valid for string expressions).

Break When Value Changes: Execution automatically enters break mode when the value of the expression changes within the specified context.

Delete Deletes the watch expression.

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