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Project Explorer

Displays a hierarchical list of the projects and all of the items contained in and referenced by each of the projects.

Window elements

Element Description
View Code Displays the Code window so you can write and edit code associated with the selected item.
View Object Displays the Object window for the selected item, an existing document or UserForm.
Toggle Folders Hides and shows the object folders while still showing the individual items contained within them.
List window Lists all loaded projects and the items included in each project.
Project The project and items contained within it.
UserForms All .frm files associated with the project.
Document The document associated with the project. For example, in Microsoft Word, it is the Word document.
Modules All .bas modules for the project.
Class Modules All .cls files for the project.
ActiveX Designers All designers, .dsr files, in the project.
References References to other projects that you have set by using the References command on the Tools menu.

Keyboard shortcuts

Use these key combinations in the Project Explorer.

Press To
ENTER Open the selected file from the list, or expand and collapse the list to show its subentries.
SHIFT+ENTER Open the Code window for the selected file.
F7 Open the Code window for the selected file.
SHIFT+F10 View the shortcut menu.
HOME Select the first file in the list.
END Select the last file in the list.
RIGHT ARROW Expands a list and then selects a subentry in the list each time you press it.
LEFT ARROW Selects a subentry in the list and then moves up the list each time you press it until the subentry list collapses into a folder.
UP ARROW Moves up the list one entry at a time.
DOWN ARROW Moves down the list one entry at a time.

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