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item Element
The item element is used to create static items that must be used within a gallery, comboBox, or dropDown. Graphical View of […]
gallery Element
The gallery element is designed to graphically display user options. A good example is the Styles gallery, which allows users to select […]
box Element
The box element specifies a grouping container control that can be used to align controls vertically or horizontally. Box elements can be […]
buttonGroup element
The buttonGroup element specifies a grouping container that groups controls together visually. The child controls are laid out horizontally. Differences Between the […]
labelControl Element
The labelControl Element provides developers with a way to display text labels on the ribbon. This control has no action and is […]
menu Element
The menu element provides the user with a pre-defined list of options to pick from, and like the dropDown it can incorporate […]
splitButton Element
The splitButton element specifies a split button control. A split button control is composed of either a button or a toggle button, […]
separator Element
The separator element specifies a vertical separator line between two sets of controls. It spans from the top of the group to […]
menuSeparator Element
The menuSeparator element specifies a horizontal separator line in a menu control. Like the separator control, the menuSeparator can be used to […]
dynamicMenu Element
The dynamicMenu element specifies a dynamic menu control that populates its contents dynamically. Graphical View of dynamicMenu Attributes The following example shows […]
dialogBoxLauncher Element
The dialogBoxLauncher element specifies a button that is the dialog box launcher control for a ribbon group. This tiny square with an […]