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Excel Macro: List All Files From zip File
This Excel macro can list all files from zip file. Click here if you need to list all files in a folder […]
editBox Element
The editBox element specifies an edit box control that allows a user to enter a string of text. Graphical View of editBox Attributes The […]
button Element
The button element is the most well known of all the tools in the developer’s toolbox, it specifies a standard push-button control […]
toggleButton Element
The toggleButton Element specifies a toggle button control that can be toggled between the pressed and un-pressed states by the end-user. Graphical […]
comboBox Element
The comboBox element specifies a standard combo box control that allows a user to input a text string or select one from a list. […]
dropDown Element
The dropDown element specifies a drop-down control that allows users to make a selection from a list of options. A drop-down control […]
Excel Macro: Using Regular Expressions
Sometimes, Excel's built-in find-replace function doesn't meet our needs, and this time you can consider using regular expressions in Excel. To use […]
64-bit Visual Basic for Applications overview
Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is the version of Visual Basic that ships with Microsoft Office. In Microsoft Office 2010, VBA […]
Avoiding naming conflicts
A naming conflict occurs when you try to create or use an identifier that was previously defined. In some cases, naming conflicts […]
Excel Macro: Rename Worksheet Events in Excel
Is there  a event to handle the renaming of a worksheet? Unfortunately, the Excel object model does not provide any events for […]
Calling procedures with the same name
You can call a procedure located in any module in the same project as the active module just as you would call […]
Introduction to the Developer tab
You will learn: What is VBA, What Can You Do With VBA, Technical Requirements, Enable the Developer tab and The Group of the Developer tab.