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Insert or delete a worksheet

In Excel, you can easily insert, rename, and delete worksheets in your workbook.

Insert a worksheet

  • Select the New Sheet plus icon  at the bottom of the workbook.
  • Or, select Home > Insert > Insert Sheet.
  • Or, press Shift+F11.

Delete a worksheet

  • Right-click the Sheet tab and select Delete.
  • Or, select the sheet, and then select Home > Delete > Delete Sheet.

Rename a worksheet

  • Double-click the sheet name on the Sheet tab to quickly rename it.
  • Or, right-click on the Sheet tab, click Rename, and type a new name.

Move a worksheet

  • To move the tab to the end, right-click the Sheet tab then Move or Copy > (move to end) > OK .
  • Or, click and drag to tab to any spot.

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