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SYD function

Table of contents
  1. Syntax
  2. Remarks
  3. Example

Returns a Double specifying the sum-of-years' digits depreciation of an asset for a specified period.


SYD(cost, salvage, life, period)

The SYD function has these named arguments:

Part Description
cost Required. Double specifying initial cost of the asset.
salvage Required. Double specifying value of the asset at the end of its useful life.
life Required. Double specifying length of the useful life of the asset.
period Required. Double specifying period for which asset depreciation is calculated.


The life and period arguments must be expressed in the same units. For example, if life is given in months, period must also be given in months. All arguments must be positive numbers.


This example uses the SYD function to return the depreciation of an asset for a specified period given the asset's initial cost (InitCost), the salvage value at the end of the asset's useful life (SalvageVal), and the total life of the asset in years (LifeTime). The period in years for which the depreciation is calculated is PDepr.

Dim Fmt, InitCost, SalvageVal, MonthLife, LifeTime, DepYear, PDepr
Const YEARMONTHS = 12    ' Number of months in a year.
Fmt = "###,##0.00"    ' Define money format.
InitCost = InputBox("What's the initial cost of the asset?")
SalvageVal = InputBox("What's the asset's value at the end of its life?")
MonthLife = InputBox("What's the asset's useful life in months?")
Do While MonthLife < YEARMONTHS ' Ensure period is >= 1 year.
    MsgBox "Asset life must be a year or more."
    MonthLife = InputBox("What's the asset's useful life in months?")
LifeTime = MonthLife / YEARMONTHS    ' Convert months to years.
If LifeTime <> Int(MonthLife / YEARMONTHS) Then
    LifeTime = Int(LifeTime + 1)    ' Round up to nearest year.
End If 
DepYear = CInt(InputBox("For which year do you want depreciation?"))
Do While DepYear < 1 Or DepYear > LifeTime
    MsgBox "You must enter at least 1 but not more than " & LifeTime
    DepYear = CInt(InputBox("For what year do you want depreciation?"))
PDepr = SYD(InitCost, SalvageVal, LifeTime, DepYear)
MsgBox "The depreciation for year " & DepYear & " is " & Format(PDepr, Fmt) & "."

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