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GetAllSettings function

Table of contents
  1. Syntax
  2. Remarks
  3. Example

Returns a list of key settings and their respective values (originally created with SaveSetting) from an application's entry in the Windows registry or (on the Macintosh) information in the application's initialization file.


GetAllSettings(appname, section)

The GetAllSettings function syntax has these named arguments:

Part Description
appname Required. String expression containing the name of the application or project whose key settings are requested. On the Macintosh, this is the filename of the initialization file in the Preferences folder in the System folder.
section Required. String expression containing the name of the section whose key settings are requested. GetAllSettings returns a Variant whose contents is a two-dimensional array of strings containing all the key settings in the specified section and their corresponding values.


GetAllSettings returns an uninitialized Variant if either appname or section does not exist.


This example first uses the SaveSetting statement to make entries in the Windows registry for the application specified as appname, and then uses the GetAllSettings function to display the settings. Note that application names and section names can't be retrieved with GetAllSettings. Finally, the DeleteSetting statement removes the application's entries.

' Variant to hold 2-dimensional array returned by GetAllSettings
' Integer to hold counter.
Dim MySettings As Variant, intSettings As Integer
' Place some settings in the registry.
SaveSetting appname:="MyApp", section:="Startup", Key:="Top", setting:=75
SaveSetting "MyApp", "Startup", "Left", 50
' Retrieve the settings.
MySettings = GetAllSettings(appname:="MyApp", section:="Startup")
    For intSettings = LBound(MySettings, 1) To UBound(MySettings, 1)
        Debug.Print MySettings(intSettings, 0), MySettings(intSettings, 1)
    Next intSettings
DeleteSetting "MyApp", "Startup"

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