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Environ function

Table of contents
  1. Syntax
  2. Remarks
  3. Example

Returns the String associated with an operating system environment variable. Not available on the Macintosh.


Environ( { envstring | number } )

The Environ function syntax has these named arguments:

Part Description
envstring Optional. String expression containing the name of an environment variable.
number Optional. Numeric expression corresponding to the numeric order of the environment string in the environment-string table. The number argument can be any numeric expression, but is rounded to a whole number before it is evaluated.


If envstring can't be found in the environment-string table, a zero-length string ("") is returned. Otherwise, Environ returns the text assigned to the specified envstring; that is, the text following the equal sign (=) in the environment-string table for that environment variable.

If you specify number, the string occupying that numeric position in the environment-string table is returned. In this case, Environ returns all of the text, including envstring. If there is no environment string in the specified position, Environ returns a zero-length string.


This example uses the Environ function to supply the entry number and length of the PATH statement from the environment-string table. Not available on the Macintosh.

Dim EnvString, Indx, Msg, PathLen    ' Declare variables.
Indx = 1    ' Initialize index to 1.
    EnvString = Environ(Indx)    ' Get environment 
                ' variable.
    If Left(EnvString, 5) = "PATH=" Then    ' Check PATH entry.
        PathLen = Len(Environ("PATH"))    ' Get length.
        Msg = "PATH entry = " & Indx & " and length = " & PathLen
        Exit Do
        Indx = Indx + 1    ' Not PATH entry,
    End If    ' so increment.
Loop Until EnvString = ""
If PathLen > 0 Then
    MsgBox Msg    ' Display message.
    MsgBox "No PATH environment variable exists."
End If

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