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Loc function

Table of contents
  1. Syntax
  2. Remarks
  3. Example

Returns a Long specifying the current read/write position within an open file.



The required filenumber argument is any valid Integer file number.


The following describes the return value for each file access mode:

Mode Return value
Random Number of the last record read from or written to the file.
Sequential Current byte position in the file divided by 128. However, information returned by Loc for sequential files is neither used nor required.
Binary Position of the last byte read or written.


This example uses the Loc function to return the current read/write position within an open file. This example assumes that TESTFILE is a text file with a few lines of sample data.

Dim MyLocation, MyLine
Open "TESTFILE" For Binary As #1    ' Open file just created.
Do While MyLocation < LOF(1)    ' Loop until end of file.
    MyLine = MyLine & Input(1, #1)    ' Read character into variable.
    MyLocation = Loc(1)    ' Get current position within file.
' Print to the Immediate window.
    Debug.Print MyLine; Tab; MyLocation
Close #1    ' Close file.

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