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Table of contents
  1. Syntax
  2. Example

The WEBSERVICE function returns data from a web service on the Internet or Intranet.

  • The WEBSERVICE function is only available in Excel 2013 and later for Windows.
  • The WEBSERVICE function may appear in the Excel for Mac function gallery, but it relies on Windows operating system features, so it will not return results on Mac.



The WEBSERVICE function syntax has the following argument.

Argument Description
url Required. The URL of the web service to be called


Here's an example using a fictitious webservice:



<?xml version="1.0"?>
<api batchcomplete="">
	<continue rccontinue="20221015085902|1559952690" continue="-||"/>
			<rc type="edit" ns="0" title="2022 NASCAR Cup Series" pageid="64612305" revid="1116192151" old_revid="1115951681" rcid="1559952705" timestamp="2022-10-15T08:59:07Z"/>
			<rc type="edit" ns="0" title="Bothrocara" pageid="5278803" revid="1116192149" old_revid="1017742971" rcid="1559952703" timestamp="2022-10-15T08:59:06Z"/>
			<rc type="edit" ns="0" title="Cisnormativity" pageid="71996420" revid="1116192148" old_revid="1116189075" rcid="1559952702" timestamp="2022-10-15T08:59:05Z"/>
			<rc type="edit" ns="0" title="Steppe Arena" pageid="60625799" revid="1116192147" old_revid="1116191896" rcid="1559952701" timestamp="2022-10-15T08:59:05Z"/>
			<rc type="edit" ns="0" title="Marius Bülter" pageid="58074752" revid="1116192146" old_revid="1112795402" rcid="1559952700" timestamp="2022-10-15T08:59:05Z"/>
			<rc type="edit" ns="0" title="Edward Eager" pageid="1633389" revid="1116192145" old_revid="1114631450" rcid="1559952699" timestamp="2022-10-15T08:59:05Z"/>
			<rc type="edit" ns="0" title="Galp Energia" pageid="5969536" revid="1116192141" old_revid="1109334278" rcid="1559952696" timestamp="2022-10-15T08:59:03Z"/>
			<rc type="edit" ns="0" title="Kaltungo Emirate" pageid="72011272" revid="1116192142" old_revid="1116192102" rcid="1559952694" timestamp="2022-10-15T08:59:03Z"/>
			<rc type="edit" ns="0" title="List of Justice League episodes" pageid="2910641" revid="1116192139" old_revid="1116190255" rcid="1559952692" timestamp="2022-10-15T08:59:03Z"/>
			<rc type="edit" ns="0" title="Joy dol" pageid="71949265" revid="1116192143" old_revid="1116192014" rcid="1559952697" timestamp="2022-10-15T08:59:02Z"/>

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