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How To Extract Formulas From Excel At Once

Sometimes you may need to convert formula to text string in Excel, such as =A1+B1, how to extract formulas from Excel at once?


For Example, we need to show the Column C with original formulas but not their calculated results in Column D, see the following screen shot.
Extract Formuls Question


  1. select Column C.
  2. Under the Data menu tab, in the Data Tools group, click the Text to Columns button.
  3. In Convert Text to Columns Wizard window, do the following:
    1. In Convert Text to Columns Wizard - step 1 of 3 window, click Next.
    2. In Convert Text to Columns Wizard - step 2 of 3 window, click Next.
    3. In Convert Text to Columns Wizard - step 3 of 3 window, under Column data format, choose Text, in Destination box, enter a cell reference: D1, or click Collapse Button Collapse Button to temporarily hide the dialog box, select cell D1 on the worksheet, and then press Expand Button Expand Button.
    4. click Finish.

Final Results

Extract Formuls Results


Extract Formuls From Excel

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