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Complete List of Excel VBA Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

The complete list of Excel VBA Editor (VBE) keyboard shortcuts are for U.S. keyboard layout and Windows Operation system. See also: Complete List of Excel Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows and Mac.

# Action Shortcut
1 Help F1
2 Object Browser F2
3 Find Next F3
4 Properies Window F4
5 Run F5
6 Switch Split Windows F6
7 Goto Window Of Object F7
8 Step F8
9 Breakpoint F9
10 Activate Menu Bar F10
11 Toggle Insert Mode Insert
12 Delete Delete
13 Beginning Of Line Home
14 End Of Line End
15 Page Up PgUp
16 Page Down PgDn
17 Left
18 Right
19 Up
20 Down
21 Indent Tab
22 New Line Enter
23 Delete Prev Char BackSpace
24 Procedure Definition Shift F2
25 Find Prev Shift F3
26 Find Next F3
27 Procedure Step Shift F8
28 Quick Watch Shift F9
29 Show Right Click Menu Shift F10
30 Paste Shift Insert
31 Select To Start Of Line Shift Home
32 Select To End Of Line Shift End
33 Select To Top Of Module Shift PgUp
34 Select To End Of Module Shift PgDn
35 Extend Selection Left 1 Char Shift
36 Extend Selection Right 1 Char Shift
37 Extend Selection Up Shift
38 Extend Selection Down Shift
39 Un-indent Shift Tab
40 Focus To Object Box Ctrl F2
41 Close Window Ctrl F4
42 Run To Cursor Ctrl F8
43 Activate Menu Bar Ctrl F10
44 Select All Text Ctrl B
45 Copy Ctrl C
46 Export Module Ctrl E
47 Find Ctrl F
48 Immediate Window Ctrl G
49 Replace Ctrl H
50 Turn On Quick Info Ctrl I
51 List Members Ctrl J
52 Show Call Stack Ctrl L
53 Import File Ctrl M
54 New Line Ctrl N
55 Print Ctrl P
56 Project Window Ctrl R
57 Save Ctrl S
58 Show Available Components Ctrl T
59 Paste Ctrl V
60 Cut Ctrl X
61 Cut Entire Line Ctrl Y
62 Undo Ctrl Z
63 Copy Ctrl Insert
64 Delete To End Of Word Ctrl Delete
65 Top Of Module Ctrl Home
66 End Of Module Ctrl End
67 Top Of Current Procedure Ctrl Page Up
68 End Of Current Procedure Ctrl Page Down
69 Left Word Ctrl Left Arrow
70 Right Word Ctrl Right Arrow
71 Previous Procedure Ctrl Up Arrow
72 Next Procedure Ctrl Down Arrow
73 Turn On Complete Word Ctrl Space Bar
74 Cycle Windows Ctrl Tab
75 Delete To Start Of Word Ctrl BackSpace
76 Close VBE Alt F4
77 Run Error Handler Alt F5
78 Switch Between Last 2 Windows Alt F6
79 Step Error Handler Alt F7
80 Return To Application Alt F11
81 Add-Ins Menu Alt A
82 Debug Menu Alt D
83 Edit Menu Alt E
84 File Menu Alt F
85 Help Menu Alt H
86 Insert Menu Alt J
87 Format Menu Alt O
88 Close & Return Alt Q
89 Run Menu Alt R
90 Tools Menu Alt T
91 View Menu Alt V
92 Window Menu Alt W
93 System Menu Alt Space Bar
94 Cycle Applications Alt Tab
95 Undo Alt BackSpace
96 Previous Position Ctrl Shift F2
97 Clear All Breakpoints Ctrl Shift F9
98 Turn On Param Info Ctrl Shift I
99 Turn On List Properties Ctrl Shift J

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  1. JI

    Hi. Is there a way to use only the keyboard to get a control onto a form? I cannot use a mouse efficiently.

  2. AS
    Andy Smith

    VERY nice! But one is wrong: Find Next is done with F3, not Shift-F4.
    Shift-F4 is Find Next in the UI; F3 is Find Next in the VBIDE.

  3. SJ
    Scott Jackson

    This list is very good -- thank you. I came here looking for help with the "Bookmarks" feature in the VBA Editor. I'm jumping back and forth between sections of code, and the bookmarks would be very helpful. I added the Toggle/Previous/Next/Clear Bookmarks buttons to my toolbar, but I want to be able to quickly add ("toggle") a bookmark with a shortcut. ALT - T would be my preferred shortcut, but it is already mapped to the Tools menu. Can I change that?

  4. KA

    Thank you for this appreciable support
    Please I have one issue my tool bar in vba code editor has completely disappeared then I want to unhide it again but til now I'm failing
    It would be greatly appreciated if you could help me