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40 Very Useful Excel Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

Table below is the 40 very useful Excel keyboard shortcuts (windows and Mac) you should know. See also: Complete List of Excel Keyboard Shortcuts.

# Windows Mac Action
1 Ctrl 1 1 Format any selected object
2 Ctrl B B Apply or remove bold formatting.
3 Ctrl I I Apply or remove italic formatting.
4 Ctrl U U Apply or remove an underline.
5 Ctrl A A Select All
6 Ctrl C C Copy
7 Ctrl D D Fill complete cell down (Copy above cell).
8 Ctrl F F Find
9 Ctrl G G Immediate Window
10 Ctrl H H Replace
11 Ctrl P P Print Preview and Print
12 Ctrl S S Save
13 Ctrl V V Paste
14 Ctrl X X Cut
15 Ctrl Z Z Undo
16 Ctrl 9 Control 9 Hide the selected rows
17 Ctrl 0 Control 0 Hide the selected columns.
18 Ctrl Shift 9 Control Shift 9 Unhide any hidden rows within the selection
19 Ctrl Shift 0 Control Shift 0 Unhide any hidden rows within the selection
20 Ctrl Shift * Control Shift Spacebar Select the current region around the active cell
21 Ctrl Shift 1 Control Shift 1 Format current cell with comma formats
22 Ctrl Shift 4 Control Shift 4 Format a number as currency
23 Ctrl Shift 7 Control Shift 7 Apply outline border around selected cells
24 Ctrl ` Control ` See formulas in the worksheet
25 Ctrl Control Copy value from above cell
26 Ctrl ; Control ; Insert current date
27 Ctrl Shift : Control Shift : Insert current time
28 Ctrl PgDn Fn Control PgDn Go to the next worksheet
29 Ctrl PgUp Fn Control PgUp Go to the previous worksheet
30 Ctrl Arrow Keys Control Arrow Keys Move to the edge of next data region (cells that contains data)
31 F2 Control U Edit active cell (places cursor in the end)
32 F4 Control Y Repeat last action
33 F9 F9 Recalculate formulas
34 Shift F2 Shift F2 Insert / Edit a cell comment
35 Shift F11 Shift F11 Insert a new sheet
36 Alt = Shift T Autosum selected cells
37 Alt Option Open the selected drop-down list box
38 Alt Enter Option Return Enter multiple lines in a cell
39 Alt F8 Fn Option F8 Open the macros dialog box
40 Alt F11 Fn Option F11 Open the Visual Basic Editor to create Macros

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