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Worksheet.Paste method

Pastes the contents of the Clipboard onto the sheet.


expression.Paste (Destination, Link)

expression A variable that represents a Worksheet object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
Destination Optional Variant A Range object that specifies where the Clipboard contents should be pasted. If this argument is omitted, the current selection is used. This argument can be specified only if the contents of the Clipboard can be pasted into a range. If this argument is specified, the Link argument cannot be used.
Link Optional Variant True to establish a link to the source of the pasted data. If this argument is specified, the Destination argument cannot be used. The default value is False.


If you don't specify the Destination argument, you must select the destination range before you use this method.

This method may modify the sheet selection, depending on the contents of the Clipboard.


This example copies data from cells A1:A5 on Sheet1 to cells C1:C5 on Sheet1.

ActiveSheet.Paste Destination:=Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("C1:C5")

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