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Width # statement

Table of contents
  1. Syntax
  2. Example

Assigns an output line width to a file opened by using the Open statement.


Width #filenumber, width

The Width # statement syntax has these parts:

Part Description
filenumber Required. Any valid file number.
width Required. Numeric expression in the range 0–255, inclusive, that indicates how many characters appear on a line before a new line is started. If width equals 0, there is no limit to the length of a line. The default value for width is 0.


This example uses the Width # statement to set the output line width for a file.

Dim I 
Open "TESTFILE" For Output As #1 ' Open file for output. 
VBA.Width 1, 5 ' Set output line width to 5. 
For I = 0 To 9 ' Loop 10 times. 
 Print #1, Chr(48 + I); ' Prints five characters per line. 
Next I 
Close #1 ' Close file.

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