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Range.ConvertToLinkedDataType method

Attempts to convert all the cells in the range to a Linked data type such as Stocks or Geography.


expression.ConvertToLinkedDataType (ServiceID, LanguageCulture)

expression A variable that represents a Range object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
ServiceID Required Long The ID of the service that will provide the linked entity.
LanguageCulture Required String A string representing the LCID of the language and culture that you would like to use for the linked entity.


The method will fail and throw a runtime exception 1004 if the specified locale is not supported on the specified service.

It will have no effect (and throw no exception) in these cases:

  • The cells in the range are blank (that is, there is nothing to convert).
  • The cells in the range contain a formula. If you want to convert such a range, you need to set the cell values to the current calc result first.
  • The cells in the range have already been converted to the specified data type.


This code will convert cell E5 to a Stocks Linked data type in the US-English locale.

Range("E5").ConvertToLinkedDataType ServiceID:=268435456, LanguageCulture:= "en-US"

This code will convert cell E6 to a Geography Linked data type in the US-English locale.

Range("E6").ConvertToLinkedDataType ServiceID:=536870912, LanguageCulture:= "en-US"

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