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Range.AddIndent property

Table of contents
  1. Syntax
  2. Remarks
  3. Example

Returns or sets a Variant value that indicates if text is automatically indented when the text alignment in a cell is set to equal distribution (either horizontally or vertically).



expression A variable that represents a Range object.


Set the value of this property to True to automatically indent text when the text alignment in the cell is set, either horizontally or vertically, to equal distribution.

To set text alignment to equal distribution, you can set the VerticalAlignment property to xlVAlignDistributed when the value of the Orientation property is xlVertical, and you can set the HorizontalAlignment property to xlHAlignDistributed when the value of the Orientation property is xlHorizontal.


This example sets the horizontal alignment for text in cell A1 on Sheet1 to equal distribution and then indents the text.

With Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("A1")
    .HorizontalAlignment = xlHAlignDistributed
    .AddIndent = True
End With

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