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How To Autofill Number Series In Merged Cells
As far as we know auto numbering will not work in merged cells. If you need to number a column that it […]
How To Extract Formulas From Excel At Once
Sometimes you may need to convert formula to text string in Excel, such as =A1+B1, how to extract formulas from Excel at […]
How To Correct Excel Formula Errors
This post teaches you how to correct Excel formula errors. Correct common errors in formulas Start every function with the equal sign […]
Excel 2013 Quick Start Guide (Cheat Sheet)
Microsoft Excel 2013 looks different from previous versions, so we created this guide to help you minimize the learning curve. If you’re new […]
How To Use Fill Justify Function Transfer Rows to a Column In Excel
In Excel, Fill Justify function is an interesting feature that allows users to reformat text so that it fits into a pre-selected […]
How To Create Tornado Chart (Butterfly Chart)
There's many ways to create Tornado Chart, I'll share with you another example, see the final chart: This chart is really looks […]
How To Use Clustered Bar to Create Tornado Chart
Yesterday, I post how to use Conditional Formatting to create Tornado Chart, today, I'll show you how to use Clustered Bar to […]
How To Use Conditional Formatting to Create Tornado Chart
Tornado Chart is a special type of Bar Chart, also called Tornado Diagram. Tornado Chart is useful for deterministic sensitivity analysis. We […]
Worksheets vs Sheets
If you are a beginner of Excel VBA, you will be confused with Worksheets and Sheets. What is the difference between Worksheets and […]
How To Add an Average Line to Column Chart in Excel 2010
When you create a chart to analyze the trend of the data, it is useful to add a horizontal Average Line across […]