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Hyperlinks.Add method

Adds a hyperlink to the specified range or shape.


expression.Add (Anchor, Address, SubAddress, ScreenTip, TextToDisplay)

expression A variable that represents a Hyperlinks object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
Anchor Required Object The anchor for the hyperlink. Can be either a Range or Shape object.
Address Required String The address of the hyperlink.
SubAddress Optional Variant The subaddress of the hyperlink.
ScreenTip Optional Variant The screen tip to be displayed when the mouse pointer is paused over the hyperlink.
TextToDisplay Optional Variant The text to be displayed for the hyperlink.

Return value

A Hyperlink object that represents the new hyperlink.


When you specify the TextToDisplay argument, the text must be a string.


This example adds a hyperlink to cell A1.

With Worksheets(1)
    .Hyperlinks.Add Anchor:=.Range("A1"), _
    Address:="", _
    ScreenTip:="ExcelBaby Web Site", _
End With

This example adds an email hyperlink to cell A2.

With Worksheets(1)
    .Hyperlinks.Add Anchor:=.Range("A2"), _
    Address:="mailto:[email protected]?subject=hello", _
    ScreenTip:="Contact us today", _
    TextToDisplay:="Contact us"
End With

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