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DocumentProperty members

Table of contents
  1. Methods
  2. Properties

Represents a custom or built-in document property of a container document. The DocumentProperty object is a member of the DocumentProperties collection.


Name Description
Delete Removes a custom document property.


Name Description
Application Gets an Application object that represents the container application for the DocumentProperty object (you can use this property with an Automation object to return that object's container application). Read-only.
Creator Gets a 32-bit integer that indicates the application in which the DocumentProperty object was created. Read-only.
LinkSource Gets or sets the source of a linked custom document property. Read/write.
LinkToContent Is True if the value of the custom document property is linked to the content of the container document. False if the value is static. Read/write.
Name Gets or sets the name of a document property. Read/write.
Parent Gets the Parent object for the DocumentProperty object. Read-only.
Type Gets or sets the document property type. Read-only for built-in document properties; read/write for custom document properties.
Value Gets or sets the value of a document property. Read/write.

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