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CommentThreaded object

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Represents a cell's threaded comment. This object can represent both a top-level comment or its replies.


The CommentThreaded object is a member of the CommentsThreaded collection.


Use the CommentThreaded property of the Range object to return a CommentThreaded object. The following example changes the text in the threaded comment in cell E5.

Worksheets(1).Range("E5").CommentThreaded.Text "reviewed on " & Date

Use CommentsThreaded (index), where index is the threaded comment number, to return a single threaded comment from the CommentsThreaded collection. The following example updates the text of threaded comment two on worksheet one.

Worksheets(1).CommentsThreaded(2).Text "reviewed on " & Date

Use the AddCommentThreaded method of the Range object to add a comment to a range. The following example adds a threaded comment to cell E5 on worksheet one.

Worksheets(1).Range("E5").AddCommentThreaded "Current Sales"

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