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Application.WorkbookAfterXmlExport event

Occurs after Microsoft Excel saves or exports XML data from the specified workbook.


expression.WorkbookAfterXmlExport (WbMapUrlResult)

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
Wb Required Workbook The target workbook.
Map Required XmlMap The XML map that was used to save or export data.
Url Required String The location of the XML file that was exported.
Result Required XlXmlExportResult Indicates the results of the save or export operation.

Return value



XlXmlExportResult can be one of the following constants:

  • xlXmlExportSuccess. The XML data file was successfully exported.
  • xlXmlExportValidationFailed. The contents of the XML data file don't match the specified schema map.

Use the AfterXmlExport event of the Workbook object if you want to perform an operation after XML data has been exported from a particular workbook.

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