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Tab.ColorIndex property

Table of contents
  1. Syntax
  2. Remarks
  3. Example

Returns or sets a Variant value that represents the color of the specified worksheet tab or chart tab.



expression A variable that represents a Tab object.


After a Tab object is returned, you can use the ColorIndex property to determine the settings of a tab for a chart or worksheet.

The color is specified as an index value in the current color palette from 1 to 56 or the XlColorIndex value xlColorIndexNone.


In the following example, Microsoft Excel determines whether the first worksheet's tab color index is set to none and notifies the user.

Sub CheckTab()
    ' Determine if color index of 1st tab is set to none.
    If Worksheets(1).Tab.ColorIndex = xlColorIndexNone Then
        MsgBox "The color index is set to none for the first worksheet tab."
        MsgBox "The color index for the tab of the first worksheet is not set to none."
    End If
End Sub

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