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XlLinkedDataTypeState enumeration

Indicates the state of cells that may contain Linked data types such as Stocks or Geography. These are the possible values of the Range.LinkedDataTypeState property.

Name Value Description
xlLinkedDataTypeStateNone 0 The cell does not contain any Linked data types.
xlLinkedDataTypeStateValidLinkedData 1 The cell contains a Linked data type.
xlLinkedDataTypeStateDisambiguationNeeded 2 The cell needs to be disambiguated by the user before a Linked data type can be inserted. For example, if the user types "New York" into a cell and attempts to convert it to a "Geography" data type, they may need to select whether they meant New York State or New York City. Until they do so, the cell will be in this state.
xlLinkedDataTypeStateBrokenLinkedData 3 There is a valid Linked data type in the cell, but entity no longer exists on the service.
xlLinkedDataTypeStateFetchingData 4 The Linked data type in the cell is in the middle of refreshing new data from the service.

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